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Happy trails to you, until we meet again

Trail racing. The blood...the sweat...the tears...the mud! At the forefront of it all, the community of trail racers that brave the terrain, shoulder to shoulder, has to be among the most resilient, engaging, and inspiring group of people I have ever met. I love them all.

There's the impressive powerhouse, with music blaring through their earphones, starting out blazing fast. There's the group of friends who are tentatively trying a new distance and already they're so proud of each other. There's the few starting at the back who are there to enjoy the process and plan to take in all the views. There's the quiet individuals who are battling something internally with hopes that the physical challenges will help them cope with their mental struggles. Then, there's the extroverts who take pride in making as many new friends as they can before they reach the finish line.

All of these people have become a family to me. The woods, the mountains, the rivers are our home for that brief time that we share together. They are the family that doesn't judge or discriminate. We are all on the journey together as equals.

The experience on the trails has inspired me to the point where I needed to be a greater part of it all. I wanted to offer this trail family of mine a few opportunities. Opportunities to run in interesting places in challenging formats. Opportunities to challenge themselves while relating to others. Opportunities to extend themselves to those who need the support that we, as a family, can offer them.

Welcome to Happy Trails Racing.

My goal is to connect us all. To feel connected to nature and to each other allows us to draw strength when we need it and to return it when we are able. Together we have the potential to do great things. So...let's do great things.

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