The Fire Within

I have this small electric fireplace in my bedroom. It is nestled close to my bed and provides both a warm (yet artificial) glow and soothing warmth. I was often found lying on the carpeted floor directly in-front the vents during stressful times in my life. The soft drone of the fan would drown out external noises and the heat would create a symbolic hug that, many times, lulled me to sleep. It occurred to me one day that I had picked the most hidden away spot in my own house to cower away from my struggles. I had made myself as small as I could in a womb-like scenario, reverting back to an infant state. One could argue that the tiny carpeted area in front of the fire was my “re-set” space and deemed necessary in order for me to find peace - this is partially true. But this “re-set” saw me shrinking rather than growing - hiding rather than being seen. I didn’t leave that space feeling rejuvenated. Although the fireplace provided comfort, I was in need of a coping strategy that would engage my soul, propel me forward, and provide growth.