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3 sentences

Three sentences. That was all I asked for when I sent a quick message to a few people asking why running was important to them. I was looking to add some text to pages of our website. I reached out to local runners to give them an opportunity to share their voice. I expected their answers to reference fitness and physical wellness.

What I received was so profound.

Almost all of the submitted responses shared an aspect of overcoming a private and personal struggle through their experience in running. They shared how running, on trails specifically, mirrored transformative elements in their life. I felt both privileged and protective when reading their words and was told that although they were willing to share their journey, they did not want to be identified. I decided that all submissions would remain anonymous.

We all have a story. We all have something we are battling and overcoming. Each submission could have been me - each description was something I too experienced. And in just three sentences, the writers who were anonymous, became all of us.

To those who let me into their world, I thank you for your courage in sharing you words. I look forward to joining you on your adventures as a fellow racer, as an unwavering supporter and, mostly, as a proud friend.

Happy Trails -

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