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This program is supported by the good people at:


'A Running Start Initiative'  brought in an incredible amount of trail running donations over the past 6 months at our community events and races! 


Members of Happy Trails Racing and Hustle + Flow collected and sorted through 10 large storage boxes of gently used and new gear (some still with tags)!


We are so excited to be partnering with a group in Toronto that proves FREE support, training, and coaching to homeless youth.  Also, we are so proud to be hosting this group at a few Happy Trails events in 2019! 


We are so pleased to welcome them into our trail community and all of your generous donations took this program to a whole new level!  




Thank you to everyone who donated!


You've helped provide opportunities to positively affect the lives of these youth as they work through transitions in their lives.

We will have photos and updates soon with how the progress is going.  In the meantime, contact us with anything you want to contribute.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the initiative or how you can get involved​!

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