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Happy Trails Racing Distance Badges

100 KM.PNG
100 MI.PNG
250 KM.PNG
500 KM.png

How far do you think your body can take you?

Track your total distance completed in up to 2 years of

Happy Trails Racing events and submit the form below.

Once you submit for a badge, your distance count is reset.

Reach out to us with any special accommodation requests

that you may need in order to achieve your goal.


Your total distance will be rounded down to the closest badge distance

(i.e. if your total distance is 150km, you are eligible for the 100km badge).

Upon acceptance, you will be sent a 2 x 2 inch embroidered iron-on patch and a 4 x 4 inch high quality vinyl sticker representing your completed distance. 

Thanks for submitting!

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