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Happy Trails Racing is happy to award podium performances at our races! We also want to celebrate other racers who went above and beyond during their race.

‘Passion & Compassion’ Patches that are awarded to racers that have participated at one of our events and have exhibited noteworthy character and courage.














Recipients will be acknowledged on social media along with our website and mailed their designated patch.  If you witness someone worthy of a patch at one of our races (you may submit a name or bib # if you do not know the runner), please let us know and we can celebrate their efforts! 

The Wolf Patch is for the runner who exhibits a “pack mentality" by showing an abundance of compassion and camaraderie on the course to the other runners, staff, and volunteers.


“We rise by lifting others.”

The Bear Patch is for the runner who exhibits strength and  perseverance with an inspiring gritty and gutsy race. They never give up - even in their lowest and most challenging of moments.


 “I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.”


Thanks! Nomination sent.

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