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In 2011, Jeff focused on his running and racing as he began working for Get Out There Magazine as a race and gear reporter. Covering races locally, nationally, and internationally, he has participated in over 200 events including 20 Marathons, 60 Trail Ultra-marathons, and has completed the 100 mile distance 13 times. During that time, he has acquired valuable knowledge in which he pulls from when building a Happy Trails Racing event.


Scouring Ontario for scenic venues, his vision for the series of races is based on offering unique experiences. Jeff develops the events to allow for welcoming introductions for the beginner runner along with challenges for the more advanced racer.


With dreams of growing the trail racing scene even more, he looks to create memorable adventures.


PHOTO CREDIT - Canadian Death Race



Tina started her running journey in 2017 and currently runs with several local running groups including the Burly Trail Runners, the Waterdown Trail Running Crew and the MEC Community Runs.  With the unwavering support and encouragement of her trail running family she has progressed from a slow 5km to completing 42km at Tally in the Valley in 2019.  And will probably complete an ultra-race at some point because she has learned to never say never! 


Tina works as an Environmental Scientist and volunteers for an environmental non-profit.  She hopes her background in the environment, project management, and health and safety can be used to further Happy Trails Racing’s commitment to sustainable inclusive racing.   

PHOTO CREDIT - Burly Trail Runners


Byron has been running since 2010 when he decided to leave behind some bad habits and  start living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Since then, he has volunteered his time coaching at the Waterloo Running Room clinic and as part of Team Diabetes in addition to dedicating himself to his own training.  


He has been trail running since 2013 and successfully completed such iconic races as the Canadian Death Race and the Fat Dog 120. In the past couple of years he has found an additional passion in crewing and pacing others at their goal races. He is a great motivator to keep runners going and knows exactly how to get a runner in and out of an aid station quickly and with a smile or a laugh.  He brings a tremendous amount of experience to our team as he knows how to organize volunteers, aid stations, and race day flow so that the racers can enjoy the best experience they can. 


PHOTO CREDIT - Mel Boultbee



Sue received her first camera at age 4 which started a fascination with preserving moments. She is a skilled artist in both painting and sculpture, but has focused on professional photography for the past 12 years. Her camera is an extension of her as she loves to watch and capture moments as they unfold around her as she delights in capturing moments for others to cherish.

She loves being out in nature - especially the trails and forests. She adores all animals and they equally adore her in return. Her favourite seasons are autumn and winter.

Sue loves the trail community and the friendly and welcoming vibes that permeate from their time spent together. It has changed her life for the better and she looks forward to many more years spent photographing the trail community.

Sue also shoots for the 5 Peaks Trail Series and for Crazy Cat Adventures! 




Dion took up running in 2010 and loves the social aspect of the sport. By 2015, he achieved his goal of running the Boston Marathon, and has since switched his focus to longer trail races. He has successfully completed 50km, 50 mile, and 100 mile events.

Dion earned his first 100 miler belt buckle in 2017 at the Sulphur Springs Trail Race. In 2017, he paced Heather (for 50km) to her first 100 mile finish at the Croom Zoom 100. In 2018, he finished the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Race and got his 2nd belt buckle. 

Dion and Jeff have been working towards an "end-to-end" badge by running 890km of the Bruce Trail!

Dion is a huge supporter of every runner and we are so proud to have him on our team.




Starting her career in event planning and volunteer management for the Royal Canadian Golf Association, Heather utilized her degree in Fine Art and Design for their visual media.


She pairs her love of artistic expression with that of outdoor exploration. Heather has been a runner all of her life, competing at various levels, and took to trail racing in the past 8 years. As a contributor to UltraRunning Magazine, she writes about her self-discovery through running and racing Ultra-Marathons in Canada and the USA.


She is fuelled by her passion for the trail running community as she creates programs for Happy Trails Racing that are structured around inclusivity and connection. Heather has plans to expand the reaches of what trail running can do by building opportunities for people to engage with each other in meaningful ways.

PHOTO CREDIT - Sue Sitki, Albion Grind

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